Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Euca located ?

We are located in Belgrave, at the base of the Sherbrooke Forest in the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria

Where do you deliver ?

At this stage we deliver Australia wide. If you would like a quote for International Shipping, please email

How long will my order take ? 

We are a small studio and as such, have limited quantities at any point in time and some block sets may take 3-5 working days to complete. Please be aware of this when ordering. We believe the quality of our toys will be worth the wait.

What wood do you use and why ?

We craft with FSC Certified European Beech Wood. As designers, the size and appearance of our block sets in their natural, uncoloured form is extremely important to us. Beech is a natural material, made by Mother Nature herself. Every grain is different, which means each piece is one-of-a-kind - which we absolutely LOVE ! The colour is a light white to pinkish hue that works well with or without colour and the tight grain of beechwood makes it incredibly smooth whilst still remaining grippy enough to create the desired 'stack'. Unlike other timbers, such as Vic Ash or Tasmanian Oak, European Beech is not prone to splintering and we chose it for its strength and shock absorbing abilities. As Block Sets that are designed to be handed down for generations, the quality of timber is so important.  

What size are your blocks ?

Our Blocks are all designed around the 4cm * 4cm square and our Stackers are 5cm thick, with varying heights. Please note, all measurements are approximate, they are hand measured, hand cut and hand sanded. 

How can I clean my Toys?

Clean up any spillages as soon as possible. An occasional wipe down with a clean, dry cloth will have it looking good as new.

Do you Wholesale ? 

If you would like to wholesale our range, please email us at

For all normal retail enquiries, please call or email us anytime between 9-5, Mon - Friday